Unlock the Power of AI Unburden Your Team.

AI Binding empowers anyone to build and share trained AI chatbots in minutes, transforming your workflow and unlocking the true potential of generative AI applications. No coding? No problem! Our intuitive interface empowers you to train AI on your knowledge, making it the only tool you need for AI-powered productivity.

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AI Made Easy: Anyone Can Become an AI Expert

No coding or technical expertise required!

AI Binding puts the power of AI in your hands. Build and share specialized chatbots for any department, team, or project, unlocking knowledge and expertise across your organization.

Empower everyone to leverage the benefits of AI without technical barriers.

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Adaptable to Your Needs

Whether you're managing files, a database, or URLs, AI Binding is designed to work seamlessly with your preferred targets. Our system supports a multitude of LLMs, and we're continuously expanding our list to provide you with the most current and versatile options. With AI Binding, you're not confined to a box - you have the freedom to create a chatbot that fits your unique requirements.

File Manager

File Management

Upload your files with ease to our dedicated file manager. AI Binding provides a secure and reliable platform for all your file needs.

Database Integration

Database Integration

Connect your database to AI Binding with a simple connection string. Our system ensures your database is seamlessly integrated and secure.

Enterprise Security Á Scalability

Your Data, Your Control.

At AI Binding, we prioritize your data security. Deploy your chatbots to local servers, private clouds, or a dedicated cloud of your choice.

Rest assured, your files are stored within your company-controlled environment, and database connections are within your virtual or local networks.

With us, you get an advanced chatbot management system without compromising on data security.

More Than Just Chatbots

Unlock the Full Potential of AI.

Go beyond chatbots with APIs and advanced integrations. Automate complex workflows, analyze data, and generate creative content, all powered by AI.

Automate Workflows

Automate Workflows.

Streamline processes, reduce errors, and save time with automated tasks.

Analyze Data & Generate Insights

Analyze Data & Generate Insights.

Unlock hidden patterns and derive valuable insights from your data.

Business Non-Tech

Business Non-Tech

Teams like marketing, sales, customer service, or human resources often deal with repetitive tasks, FAQs, and knowledge sharing. They need tools to automate tasks, answer questions, and share expertise without relying heavily on IT or coding skills.

Individual Experts

Individual Experts

Individuals like educators, lawyers, financial advisors, or consultants often possess valuable knowledge but lack the time or resources to build complex AI solutions. They need tools to make their expertise accessible and easily shareable.

Dev Data Scientists

Dev & Data Scientists

Developers and data scientists often experiment with new AI applications and require flexible tools for rapid prototyping and testing. They need solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing data sources and development workflows.

Help getting started.

Resources & guides.

A library of resources to help you build and share chatbots, develop and test your prompts, and get the most out of AI Binding.

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Concierge consulting

Concierge consulting.

Need something AI Binding doesn't offer yet? Tell us and we'll make it happen!

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Hire an expert.

Stuck? Our experts are here to help! Share your challenge and we'll find the perfect AI solution.

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Developer documentation

Developer documentation.

AI Binding can be integrated to basically any web application via HTML, or headless using the REST API.

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