Target - PostgreSQL Server

Target - PostgreSQL Server

PostgreSQL Server Binding Target Documentation

Specifying PostgreSQL Server as a Binding Target

The PostgreSQL Server Binding Target feature allows you to connect your AI Binding workflows to a PostgreSQL database. This enables the AI to interact with and retrieve data from your PostgreSQL server, facilitating advanced data-driven applications.

  1. Select PostgreSQL Server Type:
    • In the "Type" drop-down menu, select "PostgreSQL Server".
Specifying PostgreSQL Server as a Binding Target


  1. Connection String:
    • Description: The string required to establish a connection to your PostgreSQL server.
    • Format: myuser:mypwd@myserver:5432/mydatabase
    • Explanation: Includes the necessary credentials and server details to connect to your PostgreSQL database. Ensure the user has appropriate permissions to access and query the specified database. This string includes the username (myuser), password (mypwd), server address (myserver), port (5432), and database name (mydatabase). Ensure all components are correctly specified to establish a successful connection.
  2. Return Intermediate Steps:
    • Description: Option to specify whether intermediate query execution steps should be returned.
    • Values: true or false
    • Explanation: Returning intermediate steps can be useful for debugging and understanding the query execution process, but may not be necessary for all applications.
      • true: Enables the AI to return intermediate steps in the query execution process, providing more detailed insights into how data is retrieved and processed.
      • false: Disables this feature, returning only the final results of the query execution.

Once you have specified PostgreSQL Server as a target and provided the necessary parameters, you can use the database queries within your AI Binding workflows. This allows your AI models to retrieve, manipulate, and interact with data stored in your PostgreSQL database, enhancing data-driven decision-making and automation.